You can find on this page the Belgium road map to print and to download in PDF. The Belgium driving map presents the detailed road network, main highways and free motorways of Belgium in Western Europe.

Belgium roads map

Maps of Belgium roads

The Belgium road map shows all roads network and main roads of Belgium. This road map of Belgium will allow you to preparing your routes and find your routes through the roads of Belgium in Western Europe. The Belgium roads map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The road network in Belgium is managed by regional authorities, meaning that a road section in Flanders is managed by the Flemish Government, a road section in Brussels by the Brussels government and a road section in Wallonia by the Walloon Government. This explains that road signs in Flanders are written in Dutch, even when referring to a Walloon region, and conversely, which can be confusing for foreigners who ignore the different translations of Flemish or Walloon cities in the other language. The road network in Belgium is made of highways, national (or regional) roads (the secondary network) and communal roads (or streets) as its mentioned in Belgium roads map. Communal roads are managed at the municipal level. There are also a number of orbital roads in Belgium around major cities.

The average value for Belgium during that period was 5.28 points with a minimum of 4.4 points in 2018 and a maximum of 6 points in 2007. The latest value from 2019 is 4.4 points. For comparison, the world average in 2019 based on 141 countries is 4.07 points. The following roads are covered: A3 (E40) : Highway Brussels Aachen part in Wallonia to German border as you can see in Belgium roads map. A4 (E411) : Highway Brussels Luxemburg, part in Wallonia to Luxemburgish border. A26 (E25) : Liège to A4 / A26 interchange • A602 (E25/E40) : Liège A3 / A26 interchange. A15 (E42) : Namur to Liège.

The R0 is the ring road around Brussels as its shown in Belgium roads map. The lowest R numbers are motorways or motorway-like roads. Higher numbers are often dual carriageways. The higher the number, the less important the road. The N1 runs from Brussels to Antwerp and further to the Dutch border. The N2 goes to Maastricht and the N1-N9 form a spider-web. The zones above do not apply to 2-digit N numbers ending in 0: these are the main lateral roads. The N10 connects the N1 and N2, the N20 the N2 and N3 etc. but this does not continue all the way to the N90. Provincial roads are rarely signposted (only in Wallonia). T roads are local connections, some of which are not even accessible to motorised traffic.

Belgium highway map

Maps of Belgium motorways

The Belgium highway map shows toll and free motorways of Belgium. This highways map of Belgium will allow you to prepare your routes on motorways of Belgium in Western Europe. The Belgium highway map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

In Belgium the Highways (Autosnelwegen/Autoroutes/Autobahnen) are indicated by an A and an E(uropean) number. The E numbers are used most. Roads that are (part of) a ring road around a town or city are mostly indicated by an R number as its mentioned in Belgium highway map. A1 (E19): Brussels - Mechelen - Antwerp - Netherlands (Breda), A2 (E314): Leuven - Aarschot - Diest - Genk - Netherlands (Geleen), A3 (E40): Brussels - Leuven - Liège - Germany (Aachen), A4 (E411): Brussels - Namur - Arlon - Luxembourg (Luxembourg (city)), A7 (E19): Halle - Nivelles - Mons - France (Valenciennes), A8 (E429 and E42): Halle - Tournai - France (Rijsel), A10 (E40): Brussels - Aalst - Ghent - Bruges - Ostend, A11 (E34): Antwerp - Zelzate, A12: Brussels - Boom - Antwerp - Netherlands (Bergen op Zoom), A13 (E34 and E313): Antwerp - Hasselt - Liège, A14 (E17): Antwerp - Sint-Niklaas - Ghent - Kortrijk - France (Rijsel), A15 (E42): La Louvière - Charleroi - Namur - Liège, A16 (E42): Mons - Tournai, A17 (E403): Bruges - Kortrijk - Tournai, A18 (E40): Bruges - Veurne - France (Dunkirk), A19: Kortrijk - Ypres, A21 (E34): Antwerp - Turnhout - Netherlands (Eindhoven), A25 (E25): Liège - Visé - Netherlands (Maastricht).

The highways in Belgium are be indicated by the letter `A` and an E (European) number as you can see in Belgium highway map. The Belgian Ring ways can be found around bigger cities and are marked by the letter `R` and a number. The three regions (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels) are responsible for building and maintaining the highways and ring ways. Belgium has around 30 highways and some of them represent a link between various areas of the country and neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. There are ten main inner and outer ring roads connecting different regions in Belgium. Secondary ring ways are numerous in all of the three regions in Belgium. National roads are identified with the letter `N` and a number. Around nine main national roads start from Brussels and are intersected by numerous secondary national roads.

Belgium highway A11 is the largest DBFM-project (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain) in Belgium as its shown in Belgium highway map. Jan De Nul Group provided not only design and build, but also funded the project and will be responsible for 30 years maintenance. Therefore, sustainability was paramount. Innovative techniques reduce maintenance costs and the environmental impact. Bridges, slip roads, cloverleaf interchanges and tunnels form a beautiful, ingenious architectural warren of civil engineering structures that fit perfectly in the beautiful polder landscape. Better still, they reinforce each other. Travelling on the A11 is a true experience.